Long Story Short

It was like water…soothing calm refreshing.

Wages are stagnant, the cost of living is higher. Life was hard. Who did he think he was? What right did he have to happiness? His sister was right, he really should be more practical. Older sisters are always right like that. Well, things would be different now that he had been shot. She would be nicer, or maybe she wouldn’t be. It was nice the water, it was nice to sleep. to sleep perchance to dream.

A dream. East Yan’an Road 1928. Why had he invited her here Justine wondered to herself. She had never particularly thought about him until her friend Mitzi said that she was going to fix her up with him. But even then she remonstrated and rebuffed the notion of an Albert and Justine match. But she walked into the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and it glittered with all the majestic splendor that only Shanghai could. His letter said that dinner would be at six. The opulent dining hall took her breath away, she felt heady in her fluttery gown for the evening, blue. Midnight blue to match her black hair deep like the night. With her new hair color, she could pass for Chinese…from a distance.

Her invitation said Li Yahuang, she would pretend it was her Chinese name since Chinese names among westerners were all the rage. She didnt know anyone except Albert. He looked dapper in his black tuxedo and blue bow tie. how strange that it was blue a deep blue that was only noticeable to her. But it was the same deep color as her dress.

“Justine I’m so glad you could make it,” he said taking her hand.

She felt compelled to be near him, it was intoxicating. His body heat felt warm through his clothes beneath her fingers. It was perhaps the lonliness in her speaking. But when they danced it felt good to be in his arms. She inhaled his cologne and let go only to have a fluttering feeling take her over as he looked into her eyes. he reiterated that he was glad that she could come. His scent and softness overwhelmed her.

She snapped back, back to reality. Its nights like this that made people a little love drunk.


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