Short stories from a global citizen

Short story of angst

Part I

Why do we always feel the need to prove to people how smart and how successful we are? Is it because we know we are not living up to our potential? Suffering in silence for the sake of society. 

He felt inadequate because with his fancy education he was doing exactly what the Plebeians did. Work a meaningless job and have a marginal impact on what happened in his own existence.   

He wanted to make a change, he wanted to live a different life one that was going to make his cousins stop avoiding him. The successful ones, he couldn’t get the plebian ones to leave him alone. He wanted a new type of life, one that would bring more reliable women into his life, ones who didn’t make him feel like the odd man out because he knew how to say the word “epitome”.   

With so much self effacing dissatisfaction, is it any wonder he was walking around Cass corridor circa 2006 and was distractedly the victim as so may victims are, of a violent crime. Written on the hospital’s myriad of paperwork and nomenclatures for his patient file was the familiar GSW and the police protocol. There is a job he could have done well and been admired for it, police officer, he thought as he lay dying. I could save people, protect people save them from themselves and their destructive tendencies. Then he would have been more attractive to women, his sister would respect him for upholding the justice system. He thought as he lay dying, the criminal justice system has failed me.   

He didn’t know how long he had been out. When he woke up he thought it was like…   

(Come back next week for the conclusion.)


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