Nothing is Beneath you

When you are feeling like you are stuck and can’t get beyond something or feel like you have started too late or even that you aren’t where you need to be compared to your peers, stop and think about this. Be in it for the learning experience. I have this experience from time to time when I encounter another language learner who is better than me, has a better accent or study method. I also get this feeling when an acquaintance is excelling in a field that I quit in after a few unsuccessful tries.  But there is nothing you can do about that feeling but focus on getting yourself better. You are meant to go down your path for a reason. If all our journeys were cookie cutter duplicates, then where would the excitement be in life? You would probably walk around constantly feeling jaded, always on the verge of an existential crisis.

My prescription for this is to embrace the negative emotions and let them propel you forward so you get yourself to a better place. Just whatever you do don’t quit. Keep at it and you will see a breakthrough. and if it is something that you must quit, analyze the issue and think of a new way to approach this task the next time you are at it. After all, they say the definition of insanity is doing a thing over and over expecting different results.

You have to have the grace to know that you can treat everything as a learning experience. In other words, when you feel like you could be further ahead and you feel your self unfairly comparing your life with the experiences of your peers or even strangers via social media, you have to pull back and look for ways to be grateful. Instead of saying you hate your job because you feel overqualified, find the silver lining in what the job affords you. In the western world, we use the mantra “first world problems” to denote that something is trivial. We get all bent out of shape by something that is insignificant. Taking that aforementioned moment to pull back lets you see just how small that, the matter will be if we look back on it 5 or 10 years down the line.

Remember to keep operating from a place of grace and gratitude it will keep you in appreciation mode. This will end complaining and you will learn to be insanely serene. I learned this from working with a life coach and a group of fellow ambitious souls in need of guidance and direction.

Besides, when you are living your life with this mindset many people tend to reveal their true colors. They say you can tell a lot about a person’s genuineness and character by how they treat people who are “beneath them”. Whether they are Janitors, waitresses, servers, cashers or  people working in retail, treat them with respect. It not only makes their job easier but its good karma. Be good and good will come to you. Its small rewards that have a big payoff. In Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, he notes how infectious and appreciated a small gesture like giving someone a smile is. It radiates positive energy and humanizes people. This “gratitude attitude” was the biggest breakthrough moment I had with life coaching. The best possible take away was being and feeling blessed. Act like everything is alright. Because it all boils down, the fact of the matter is we already have everything we need.  We are in control of everything. We can control our thoughts, our emotions and even how we respond to the people in our lives that we cant control. Utilizing this philosophy we can learn a lot. And when we think we are, overqualified, too good for something or are feeling the pangs of imposter syndrome, we can remember to practice gratitude and be mindful of our celestial path and our right to be as we are.


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