6 months after Russia




So, I have been back from my amazing journey to Russia for six months now. It pains me to say, that other than getting excited about using my language skills at a Conference for Polyglots from around the world, http://polyglotconference.com, back in October, I have not spent much time with the Russian language. Or any language for that matter. I seem to have fallen off the proverbial wagon. I did follow up with applying to the Middlebury Language School for Chinese so that I can improve my skills in Mandarin. But I haven’t studied much Chinese.

Okay, so let me rephrase that, I have resisted Hindi. listening to audio programs in my car. I was inspired by the conference in October, meeting and traveling with Polyglots that I worked with at a language learning software company called Mango Languages https://www.mangolanguages.com and meeting language learners from around the globe such as Benny the Irish Polyglot, Tim Doner, Richard Simcott and others. It gave me renewed Language purpose. So as I write this knowing that I haven’t spent as much time that I should have I think its time to set up new ways t hold myself accountable for my objectives. Particularly with Russian. I actually look forward to hearing your suggestions out there in cyberspace as to how I can commit to spending more time with my languages.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I want to spend 2017 getting back to Arabic. And this is my excuse for not spending time with that language. But 2016 I want to devote to Chinese, Hindi and Russian. I think it has been exciting to study Hindi as of late because I have decided to travel to India this year in December. I have always loved Bollywood movies and studied Bharatnatyam (check it out here, it is pretty cool https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bharata_Natyam) in my late teens. I recently took up Bollywood dance again and with it, singing Hindi language songs from the movies. But getting back into one thing does not mean I abandon the others.

Looking back at my pictures of Russia fill me with nostalgia, and a feeling that I am letting the memory of my trip down by not studying Russian. Although I will be seeking your help dear readers, but I will make a lofty commitment now. Attend a Russian tea at least once a week, either at my university or at a local Russian Orthodox Monastery. I will report my progress in a youtube video. Remember to keep learning languages out there and keep having adventures.


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