加油! let’s go!

pexels-photo-297755.jpegI’ve gotten some backers onboard with Linglobal! It’s officially a full-fledged global education program, kind of a big deal, right? But now what? I don’t want to keep asking myself this but it keeps popping up. I haven’t followed up with the superintendent or reached out to the girls to let them know that their classes will be back as soon as April, and now it is April. Truth be told I don’t know what to do, and honestly, I hadn’t expected to be unsure of what was next when I reached the initial goal I set for myself. There are new plans and new goals to be set and consistency is the key.

I always said I want to have an international consulting company, be a writer and be a professor. I envisioned being a jet-set professional baller making 80K a year (Yes, to me this is ballin’ out of control) staying in five-star hotels and traveling the globe in a fabulous wardrobe. On the way to expanding who I am, I want to teach the world how to expand their potential with integrity, empathy, autonomy, and inspiration. To live your potential, being your best self whilst being present and accountable.

So next comes the work of sticking to planning classes, coordinating, cultural events and following up with new leads. I have to print out my goals and keep them in plain sight so that I remember what I’m working for. I’ve been working with a life coach to reach my goals, he preaches the importance of visualization and digging deeper on reasons you feel stuck. It requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. He and my accountability partners force you to reflect on your shortcomings, like a lack of clearly communicating what you want and help you to formulate ways to be consistent with what you’re aiming to achieve. For example, if I and members of my life coaching group want to achieve something like writing a book or finding an opportunity to expand a business, we get focused and act as if that thing has already happened. Thus by behaving this way we speak our desired outcome into existence. We never leave the site of a goal without setting up and following through on one thing that will get us closer to achieving it.

My mantra here is to teach people to be global citizens. That means to get involved locally, shoot, even run for office. If things are taking too long to happen for your community, state or neighborhoods to change, change it yourself. Join city council or go to meetings in your community. Start a petition for a cause you believe in! Get to know your representatives. Reach out to business people and other leaders. Interview them and ask them important questions to see how you can take matters into your own hands. Speak up and speak out. Live in your truth, stop giving an eff about the petty squabbles and office politics. If you get overly wrapped up in what someone else is or isn’t doing. It may be a clear sign You haven’t done enough soul searching to figure out what matters. Be selective in what you choose to get bent out of shape over. Being committed to building something real on a local level makes you feel good about your ability to impact the world and helps validate your significance as a celestial being.

When we talk about taking matters into our own hands I remember that I, like all of you, have the power to create. I freely map out new plans and work at them. A further out idea is creating a Linglobal summer program with the school board. The plan is to host language workshops, begin to introduce kids to the art of essay writing to get funding and scholarships for their global journeys via study abroad programs and immersion initiatives through the department of state (there are quite a bit of these including high school opportunities) and other institutions. I plan to spell out exactly what it takes to travel, step by step to travel (ie, how to get a passport, how to find a program that is right for you, etc.) But it won’t be all academics, I’m still thinking up fun games and activities with an international flair.

Speaking of international flair, how about an international fair?! Linglobal international world festival, I envision this for my community and specifically for my hometown. a way for people to connect with people transforming a “them” into an “us”. Leaning about the stories behind how people evolved, how their dance, custom, and food, added spice to the flavor of life.  Getting closer to your heritage and discovering new roots.

Something else to get going is talking to sponsors. I did it before and it took a lot of courage, but I read a lot of entrepreneurship books that highlight how important this is to ask people to support your dreams. I even mentioned this in a previous blog on being and staying on track.

The rest of the month will feature getting web content out, promoting my business on social media. This will include expanding web content, this can be achieved by getting advertisements for the Linglobal Facebook page and filming professional videos for my language, culture, and history YouTube channel. Step by step I can elucidate how to share the mission that I hope to transform into a business.

Be unapologetic and never defer your status. you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you. you are a celestial being having a human experience. Give more than you take and listen more than you talk. Own less, appreciate more.

The thing is, I do know what to do. We always will when we just keep chugging along, planting seeds and refusing to be stuck. This isn’t easy, it’s uncomfortable and it requires open communication and at times it requires someone to hold your feet to the fire. but as they say in China you have to “add oil” to get things moving. In mandarin people say “加油” (pronounced: Jiāyóu) the literal translation is added oil, or refuel, in other words, it means  “let’s go!”


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